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Schedule Your Free Appointment

Choosing a financial advisor is a big decision, and I wouldn't want you to hire me without getting to know me better first.

So, I ask that you schedule a free appointment so we can comfortably discuss your financial life and what you’re looking for in a financial planner. This 60-minute meeting will give us both a good idea about which of my services is the best fit for you.

No stress, no charge, no commitments, no sales - just an open and honest Q&A.

I can meet in-person or on a video call.


Step 2

Prepare for Our Meeting

After you schedule, you’ll receive an email with information about preparing for our appointment. You’ll be asked to fill out a basic financial profile in advance, which will really help us cover more ground in our conversation.

You’ll also receive valuable information about working with me, and how I provide services as a fee-only financial planner.


Step 3

Hold Your Free Appointment

During our meeting we’ll go over a high-level review of your finances and the decisions you’re facing. You’ll also be able to get clear on how services are provided and the value they’ll bring to your life.

I will not be asking you at this meeting if you want to hire me. Instead, I ask that you take the time to think about it, and get back with me within a few days.


Step 4

Choose Your Service

The free consultation will make it easy for you to identify which financial planning service is the best fit for you. You can read more about services now, or you can go ahead and schedule your free appointment and learn more about my services before and during our meeting.