This is “financial advice à la carte”. It’s the best choice for you if:

  • You want a one-time plan that will give you instructions to follow on your own

  • You’ve just got one or two areas of your finances that you need advice on

  • You see the value in getting a second opinion about an important financial decision you’re facing

  • You want to “try out” our services on a smaller scale before deciding whether you want to work together on an ongoing basis


NOTE: The Consultation Menu is for basic-level service; complex situations for only 1-2 financial topics will require a Custom Consultation. A consultation can be upgraded to Wealth Mode Planning within 30 days after receiving services, and your payment for a consultation will be credited toward your upfront fee for Wealth Mode Planning.


Here’s How It Works:

  1. Free initial consultation meeting for you to explain your situation and ask questions about services.

  2. Sign up for your chosen services from the menu below by signing an agreement.

  3. Pay the first 50% deposit for the service(s) you’ve chosen.

  4. Data Gathering Meeting (45-60 min) to discuss information and collect documents we need to analyze your situation thoroughly.

  5. 1-2 week Analysis Phase for me to look carefully at your situation and construct my recommendations and advice.

  6. Consultation Meeting (60-90 min) to present the recommendations and advice, and discuss pros/cons.

  7. Pay your remaining 50% invoice for services.


All-in-One Financial Plan - $649

Are you a go-getter who will carry things out if you’re just given good instructions? Then get a full 3-meeting consultation service where we cover everything on the menu that appears below, for one consolidated price. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, I’ll look at your situation inside and out, and give you:

  1. A list of financial action items to do right now

  2. Instructions on how to handle things in the future

You'll get recommendations that will save you a lot of money and improve the trajectory of your wealth.




Choose 1-2 basic services from our "menu" below.

When you're ready to order, schedule a "Let's Meet" appointment at the bottom of the page.

TWO-TOPIC SPECIAL!  Bundle together two of the services below and get 20% off the total price of your service.


Cash Flow Coaching - $50/month

Having an awareness and control of where your money goes is the first step to living in Wealth Mode. Let's clarify what you value most in life and set up a budget and cash-flow plan to match it. We'll meet once per month for three months to make sure you're staying on track in your new "Wealth Mode" mindset. This service is renewable for three months at a time.

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Debt Elimination Plan - $199

Let's come up with a strategy to control the debt in your life! We'll figure out how to eliminate high-interest credit card debt as soon as possible. With other debt like car loans, your mortgage, or home equity, we'll discuss the best way for you to manage it.



College Savings Consultation - $199

You can never start saving too early to partially or completely fund your children's future college education. There are several types of accounts or strategies you might use to provide the generous gift of higher education. 



Student Loans Consultation - $249

Student loans can be the bane of your financial future if you don't choose the best strategy for your situation. Let's discuss the pros and cons of entering into an income-based repayment plan and see if refinancing or some other option is right for you.



Insurance Review - $249

Are you spending too much or too little on insurance coverage? I don't sell insurance, so I can give an unbiased opinion. I'll help you find the policies you need or make changes to your existing coverage. I also know several places that have insurance agents who don’t work on commission, and won’t try to up-sell you.



Income Tax Review - $299

The taxman cometh! Let me review your last 1-2 tax returns and do a projection on your upcoming return. I'll identify any tax savings opportunities you might have now and in the future. Keep more of your money and give less to Uncle Sam.



Employee Benefits Analysis - $299

Are you unsure if you're getting the most out of your current benefits program at work? Or did you just change jobs and get the textbook-sized benefits packet from HR? All the choices you have to make can be dizzying - health & dental insurance options, life insurance, 401k fund choices, and how much you're going to contribute to your 401k. Maybe you just want to actually understand for the first time what it all means. Let's go over it and make it clear for you.

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Home Buyer Plan - $349

Purchasing a home is a big decision. I'll help you figure out saving for a sufficient down payment, home loan type, purchase price, mortgage payment, tax benefits, and project your future homeowner budget. Then you'll know you're making a decision that's best for all the financial goals you have.



Investment Advice and Retirement Plan - $399

Retirement's not going to save for itself, and neither will your other long-term goals. This service will provide you with a review of all your current investments, a projection of how well you're investing for the future, and a plan of action steps to create an optimized investment strategy. Includes specific instructions on investment selection, asset allocation, and which accounts to use.


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