Quoted in advance


This service is for you if don't want ongoing services but have a need that is too advanced for our One-Price Advice services.


1. Free 30-minute discussion and planning meeting to make sure I understand what you need advice on.

2. Get a quote for the financial planning project based on the estimated number of hours I will need to research and give a recommendation. I'll also give an estimated completion date.

3. Accept the Quote by signing an agreement.

4. I'll begin researching and working on your project. Time will be billed in 30-minute increments and client will be billed for any work completed, even in situations of early termination. If needed, I will contact you along the way for additional information and clarification.

5. Consultation Meeting will be held where I will present my recommendation.

6. You'll be billed for the total number of hours actually worked. I usually overestimate on the quote and my goal is to finish in less time than quoted in advance.



  • Advanced Retirement Projection

  • Investment Property Analysis

  • Starting a Home-Based Business