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First Off: Are You New to the Idea of Hiring a Financial Planner?

Please take the time to read the What You Should Know About Working with a Financial Planner before you read about my services.

It’ll be worth it.

Services: What’s Best for You?

Scheduling a Free Appointment will help you to understand my financial planning services and pricing better than anything else. This is especially true if you have never worked with a financial planner before.

But here’s some information on your options:

Choose Wealth Mode Planning for the best advice and results.

The biggest benefits to your life and wealth come with through working with a financial planner over time.

This is best for people who want an ongoing relationship and are serious about maximizing their opportunities to build wealth for financial independence.


Ranges from

$499 - 3,000


$70 - 400


*Upfront fee is paid half upfront, half at the end of ~2 months. **Monthly fee begins the month after that.

Pricing is individualized and set to be affordable for your situation.

Choose a Consultation for a full review of your finances over 2-3 meetings.

This is best for people who want advice now but don’t want to stay working with an advisor.

The recommendations you get from a full review by a financial planner could still save you thousands of dollars over the long run.


All-in-One Financial Plan


or, on a Per Topic Basis:

$150 - 399
Paid half upfront, half at the end.

Continue with Investment Management for added benefits over time.

I have created partnerships with some of the top to provide my clients with top-class investment management services, at a cost that is less than half of the industry average.

This is only available for those who have completed one of the financial planning services listed above.

Investment Management



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XY Investment Solutions at TD Ameritrade:


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