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Our core service offering, and what most people sign up for.

  • Comprehensive, ongoing advice with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™

  • Begins with a series of 4 meetings over two months

  • Then, 3-4 meetings per year with your advisor

  • Open access via email/text for any financial questions or issues

  • Appointments on weeknights and weekends

  • Video call meetings for convenience (no need to commute or find a babysitter!)

  • Affordable monthly billing instead of large fees once or twice a year

  • Priced to your level of need (income, net worth, complexity, etc.), not on amount of assets

  • No asset minimums - can work with anyone!

  • Ongoing accountability, implementation, and follow-up in getting financial tasks done

  • Investment management at extremely low additional cost


It all starts with a free initial consultation to help you decide if you’re ready.


Here's how it works:





Ranges from

$499 - 3,000


$70 - 400


*Upfront fee ($499-$3,000) and ongoing fee ($70-$400/month) are based on complexity and depend on what kind of help you'd like throughout each year.

**Ongoing fee is an annual fee paid monthly, and begins after ~2 months.


Customized Pricing Examples

Here are some examples of clients I work with and the cost of their service. These are not exact, but meant to give you a basic idea of the range you might be in.

Recent College Grads.jpg

Recent College Graduate

- $55,000/year income
- 401(k) and Work Benefits
- Student Loan Debt

$499 upfront + $75 monthly


Young Professional with Kids

- $130,000/year income
- Spouse at home
- Parent
- Homeowner
- College Savings Goals

$1,249 upfront + $139 monthly

Investment Property Owners.jpeg

Dual-Income Couple

- $175,000/year income
- Stock Options
- Own home and a vacation home/investment property
- Both have employer benefits that need to be coordinated

$1,749 upfront + $199 monthly

Young Families.jpg

Business Owner with Family

- $250,000/year income
- Business owner / self-employed
- Multiple children
- Significant taxable investments, illiquid property, or wealth tied up in business

$2,499 upfront + $349 monthly



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