Some of you have asked Justin: how can I refer someone to Wealth Mode Financial Planning?


The following videos contain some of the conversations Justin has had with clients as they’ve asked about how to refer business in an appropriate and respectful way.


How to Talk About Money With Others

  • In this training, Justin shares about how you can become more used to discussing finances in your life

  • Most people feel uncomfortable talking about money - so it’s normal!

  • For more, read Can You Afford to NOT Talk About Money? on the Wealth Mode blog.

Helping Others Overcome Procrastination

  • What to do when you’ve shared my contact information with someone you know, but they continue to not reach out to Justin to talk about their finances.

What Will My Referral Receive if I Submit Their Information?

  • Justin will send your referral an email with this 4-minute video greeting.

  • They’ll receive a couple follow-up emails to see if they want to schedule a free initial consultation.

  • If they don’t respond, then they’ll receive bits of information every couple of weeks to help them understand important topics about working with a fiduciary, fee-only financial planner, and how services work.

  • This gives them the chance to learn at a pace they’re comfortable with.

  • After about 2 months, they won’t be sent any more follow-up messages.


Submit a Referral

Please only do so if you’ve received the person’s permission.

of the person you're referring
of the person you're referring
What's your relationship to them? What have you told them about working with me? What are their needs for financial advice, as far as you know?


My Financial Planner is Approachable

As you know, I hang my reputation on being easy to talk to and open and transparent in everything that I do. An easy way for someone to see that?

By listening to a 1-hour interview


My Financial Planner is Fee-Only

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My Financial Planner Often Gets Mentioned in the Media

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