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Ali's First Career Job

Ali graduated and when she got two competing job offers, she had no idea how to compare the employee benefits packages. That's when she realized that corporate finance and personal finance were two totally different things. They don't teach you about 401(k) plans in business school!

Once I compared the two offers for her, it was clear that despite one of the jobs offering a higher salary, the job with the lower salary was a much better opportunity when looking at the total compensation package. I taught Ali all about her 401(k) plan, vesting schedule, employee stock, helped her pick the best health insurance plan, and. We made sure she would elect to make the best use of all the other benefits offered as well. Through identifying the truly best compensating job and optimizing her benefits, Ali saved thousands of dollars in her first year on the job.

ALI PICKED: Employee Benefits Analysis - $249

Jason's Student Loan Payoff Puzzle

When Jason graduated from college, he had a lot more student loan debt than he had hoped. In fact, he had tens of thousands of dollars in both federal and private student loans! His head was spinning with the alphabet soup of repayment plan options available - IBR, PAYE, REPAYE, ICR...then there was the conundrum of whether to do a loan consolidation or refinance. What he did know is that he had received his first bill and there was no way he'd be able to afford the payments at his income level.

I took full inventory of Jason's student loans and listened carefully to understand what his goals were for paying them off. We thoughtfully selected the repayment plan for his federal loans that would save him the most money and found a lender with the best deal for a refinance of his private loans. Jason's total monthly payments were cut in half, and in the first 3 years, he will save over $6,000 in interest! 

JASON PICKED: Student Loans Consultation - $149

Kyle & Claire's Family-based Investing Goals

Kyle and Claire's young family was growing up fast. With so many competing priorities, it was getting difficult to know how to balance their investment contributions to so many different goals and investment accounts. How much to Kyle's 401(k) for retirement? How much for their future service mission? How much for each child's college education, and what kind of account should they use? Most of all, were they saving enough, and did they have the right investments?

In our meeting we analyzed their investment portfolio and current savings rate. My calculations showed that minor adjustments to their asset allocation would give them less risk with a slightly higher expected investment return. Also, we found that a mix between using 529 plans and Roth IRAs would be the best way for them to fund their children's future college tuition. Kyle and Claire not only gained more peace of mind that they were on track, but are set to save a bunch of taxes and gain thousands more dollars with the few changes they were instructed to make.

KYLE & CLAIRE PICKED: Wealth Mode Planning - starts at $349 upfront and $50 per month

Sam's Debt Elimination 

Sam had tried several times to work up the discipline to finally get out of debt. Each time, it felt like she made some progress just to slip behind again.

Together, we structured a detailed debt payoff plan.

Andrew and Jasmine's Home Purchase Questions

Newlyweds Andrew and Jasmine were eager to get into their own home. Having only been renters, they wanted to buy a home as soon as possible to "stop throwing money away to a landlord." But as soon as they started looking into it, they came up with an endless list of questions. What was affordable for them? How much of a down payment did they need? Where could they find the best interest rate and get their credit score to where it needed to be? They knew a home loan officer couldn't be objective with them, so they got in touch with me.

First we calculated what they could qualify for now. Then, using a rent vs. buy analysis, we found that it was actually much cheaper for them to rent right now, much to their surprise. Based on their savings rate, we found that a 10% down payment for 2 years was a good balance between saving up money for a home purchase but not waiting too long to do so. Now, Andrew and Jasmine are confidently on track to purchase the perfect starter home that's affordable and achievable, with their eye on a specific type of mortgage loan.

ANDREW & JASMINE PICKED: Buy-a-Home Consultation - $199

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Cash-Flow Coaching - $149

Having an awareness and control of where your money goes is the first step to living in Wealth Mode. Let's clarify what you value most in life and set up a budget and cash-flow plan to match it. We'll meet once per month for three months to make sure you're staying on track in your new "Wealth Mode" mindset.

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Debt Elimination Plan - $149

Let's come up with a strategy to control the debt in your life! We'll figure out how to eliminate high-interest credit card debt as soon as possible. With other debt like car loans, your mortgage, or home equity, we'll discuss the best way for you to manage it.


Student Loans Consultation - $149

Student loans can be the bane of your financial future if you don't choose the best strategy for your situation. Let's discuss the pros and cons of entering into an income-based repayment plan and see if refinancing or some other option is right for you.


College Savings Plan - $149

You can never start saving too early to partially or completely fund your children's future college education. There are several types of accounts or strategies you might use to provide the generous gift of higher education. 


Buy-a-Home Consultation - $199

Purchasing a home is a big decision. I'll help you figure out saving for a sufficient down payment, home loan type, purchase price, mortgage payment, tax benefits, and project your future homeowner budget. Then you'll know you're making a decision that's best for all the financial goals you have.


Income Tax Review - $199

The taxman cometh! Let me review your last 1-2 tax returns and do a projection on your upcoming return. I'll identify any tax savings opportunities you might have now and in the future. Keep more of your money and give less to Uncle Sam.


Insurance Review - $199

Are you spending too much or too little on insurance coverage? I don't sell insurance, so I can give an unbiased opinion. I'll help you find the policies you need or make changes to your existing coverage.


Investment Goals and Retirement Plan - $249

Retirement's not going to save for itself, and neither will your other long-term goals. This advice package will provide you with a review of all your current investments, a projection of how well you're investing for the future, and a plan of action steps to create an optimized investment strategy.


Employee Benefits Analysis - $249

Are you unsure if you're getting the most out of your current benefits program at work? Or did you just change jobs and get the textbook-sized benefits packet from HR? All the choices you have to make can be dizzying - health & dental insurance options, life insurance, 401k fund choices, and how much you're going to contribute to your 401k. Maybe you just want to actually understand for the first time what it all means. Let's go over it and make it clear for you.


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